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Securing a future where all Hawaii workers can afford their basic needs

Pledge your Support for a Living Wage


A full time worker only makes $21,000 at the current minimum wage. The lowest rate in the nation, adjusted for our cost of living.

$32,000 is needed for a single adult to afford their basic needs. $72,000 for a family of four.

40% of jobs in Hawaii pay below a living wage and 48% of families don't earn enough to make ends meet.



Unemployment in Hawaii is at historical lows, but still nearly half of households can't afford their basic needs. It's clear we need to give workers the raises they deserve. We don't have a job shortage, we have a wage shortage.

Failed Progress

Over the last 4 years, the state legislature has not passed a minimum wage bill out of either the House or the Senate. This has left Honolulu with the lowest real minimum wage in the nation.

We are organizing to make sure we elect officials that do support a living wage. The list of candidates who have committed their support can be found here: List of Supporters

Voter Petition

Living Wage Hawaii supporters are petitioning candidates to set the minimum wage at or above a livable wage and pledging to vote for living wage supporters in August and November.

"How much is a worker in Hawaii worth? Enough to afford their basic needs?"

Holding Hands
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