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Field Organizer Intern


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Type: Volunteer - 5 to 10 hours per week


Location: State of Hawaii


Living Wage Hawaii is seeking motivated, dynamic Field Organizers to join our team. Living Wage Hawaii is the campaign of a Honolulu based non-profit seeking to raise the minimum wage to a living wage. In order to get a living wage bill passed, it will take an organized team of volunteers to make it happen. This volunteer role will be important to build this team of volunteers.


The Field Organizers will primarily be responsible for recruiting volunteer leaders, developing and training volunteers and working with other allied groups.


Essential Duties:

  • Develop and expand base of engaged volunteer advocates

  • Promote the living wage movement at recruitment events and opportunities

  • Plan and implement advocacy events

  • Motivate volunteers

  • Build working relationships with allied groups and individuals

  • Work closely with the Director to discuss strategy and progress

  • Identify opportunities to expand our network of advocates


Preferred Qualities:

  • Self-starter with a passion for raising the minimum wage to a living wage

  • Interest in building relationships with a diverse group of local advocates

  • Excellent interpersonal skills

  • Strong willingness to learn and adapt



This is a volunteer position.


November 2021 - April 2022.

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