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Support Living Wage Hawaii

1. Email Speaker Scott Saiki and ask that a bill to raise the wage is brought to the floor for a final vote.

2. Call or email your own Representative and ask them to contact Speaker Saiki about scheduling a hearing.

3. Add your name to our petition on this page demanding Hawaii legislator's raise the wage.

4. Find more people to do the same. We are stronger together!

As 40% of jobs in Hawaii pay below a living wage, it's no wonder why 48% of households are unable to afford their basic needs.

We need to join the other cities and states that require corporations to pay a fair wage for a fair day's work.

We call for our elected officials to increase the minimum wage to a level at or above a living wage and we pledge to vote for candidates who support this necessary change.

Secure a Living Wage for all Hawaii Workers


Thank you for adding your name to the petition!

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