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Submit Testimony to Raise the Wage: Deadline Wednesday January 29th, 9:00am

Scroll for step-by-step instructions.

Key Facts and Figures

  • HB 2541 raises the minimum wage to $13/hr by 2024

  • No worker deserves to live in poverty. It costs more than $17/hr for a full-time worker to live in Hawaii.

  • 8 states, all with lower costs of living, have passed a $15 minimum wage into law.

  • A majority of legislators publicly support at least a $15 minimum wage

  • A final vote on a $15/hr minimum wage bill has been blocked for years.

  • Legislators will be getting $11,000 annual raises between now and 2024.

  • It's time workers get at least $15/hr by 2024 as we need and deserve much more.

1. New users need to register on the website:


2. Fill out your info and click "Create User":


3. Search for the bill within the website, or click here:


4. Click "Submit Testimony" within the capitol website or click here:


5. Make sure "HB2541" is in the text box, then hit "Continue":


6. Write your thoughts on this bill and press submit. Feel free to copy our text from below, or compose your own:


Sample testimony:

Aloha members of the Finance and Labor Committees:

The cost of living in Hawaii is more than $17 per hour. As no full-time worker should be living in poverty, it's far past time we take the steps to make this the minimum wage.

$13 per hour by 2024 is not enough to bring workers out of poverty.  This bill raises the minimum wage too low and too slow.

As legislators will be getting more than $11,000 in raises by 2024, workers deserve raises of at least that much.

A bill to raise the wage to at least $15 per hour needs to be given a final vote. Please don't let another year pass without giving us the justice we deserve.


Concerned Citizen

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