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Ask State House Leaders to Raise the Wage

In Hawaii the state determined that $17/hr is needed for full-time workers to survive. The minimum wage today is only $10.10/hr, leaving thousands of workers struggling to get by.

With a Democratically controlled legislature, there is no reason workers should be paid starvation wages.

Instead of focusing on raising the wage for workers, they have given themselves over $6,000 in raises, pushing their pay up to $70,000 next year.

Speaker Saiki, Rep. Luke and Rep. Onishi decide whether SB676 increasing Hawaii's minimum wage is voted on or not. Please send them a message demanding they schedule a hearing and pass the bill.

Call or email them today using the contact info, or use the one-click form below!

Speaker Saiki - 808.586.6100 -

Finance Chair Luke - 808.586.6100 -

Labor Chair Onishi - 808.586.6120 -

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